December Ooh! Box – featuring Brazilian Gaucho

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 10.43.41 AMWhat is the Ooh! Box you might ask? Well, it is a glorious monthly hamper of luxury goods which are delivered to your door for your enjoyment. Opening of the box often results in an “Ooh!”, hence the name. At only R495 per month including delivery (minimum 3 month subscription) and with only 1000 members allowed, you can be assured that you are one of the few people lucky enough to get your hands on this exclusive box!

Some information from the Ooh! Box team:

“While you can always be sure that the contents of your box will exceed the value of R600+, you will never quite know what to expect (for those who do not like surprises you can check on the website what will be in the next box).  You can be sure, however, that you’ll receive a selection of four top quality wines as well as recipes and other creative ideas with which to use your wine with.”

The December Ooh! Box is worth R750; this might just be the perfect Christmas gift for you. If you sign up for December box you will get to sample and enjoy our Brazilian Gaucho exotic spice throughout the festive season.

Brazilian Gaucho is a fragrant spice mix traditionally used by “Gauchos” or Brazilian cowboys to season meat before grilling or barbecuing. Generously season steak being prepared for  a braai, an open grill or “Asado” as known in Southern Brazil.

For recipe ideas and ways to use our spices please visit our blog


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