Trends – 2012 vs 2013

With the New Year approaching rapidly we all start to think about the year that has past, reflecting on all the trends and fads and all the lovely moments shared with friends and family over delicious meals.

We’ve put together a list of trends that we think may be left behind in 2012 and what we predicted they will morph into in 2013.

2012 – Out  vs  2013 – In

Tasting menus vs Family friendly food

Sushi Bars vs Shisa Nyama *

Cheddar cheese vs Goats cheese

Panna cotta vs Rice Pudding

Margarine vs Butter

Processed soy protein vs Grass fed meat

Low sodium salt vs Sea salt

Fat Free vs Healthy fats

Imported superfruit vs Local, seasonal superfruit

Artificial sweeteners vs Stevia

Elimination diet vs Portion control

Ultra lite Beer vs Craft Beer

Baked Crisps vs Kettle crisps

Drinking wheat grass vs Eating leafy greens

*Wikipedia definition: Shisa nyama is a term used in many South African townships to describe an informal braai or barbecue where friends come together near a butchery, to grill meat in an open fire. The site is usually provided by the butcher owner and only people who buy meat from the butcher are allowed to use the facility. Shisa nyama is a Zulu phrase and it literally means “burn the meat”.

This is a compilation of ideas, but we are interest to know whether you agree or not and what other items you would add to the list – post a comment and let us know.


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