abroad – Germany & Switzerland

Q&A with MD, Shelley Barnard

With suppliers and clients all around the world to visit and meet, Shelley’s travel schedule is envied by most of the team! We’ve put together a few questions about her latest trip to Europe:

1) You recently travelled to Europe, where did you go?

Cologne, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland.

2) What was the reason for your travels?

A trade show in Cologne and to visit some customers in Switzerland, our biggest  market.

3) What did you love most about this trip?

After some serious delays and travel dramas I arrived in Cologne to a blanket of freshly fallen snow.  It was white, beautiful and completely opposite to the heat in SA


4) What is your favourite area in Zurich?

I always stay in the Altstadt (old city).  It is made up of narrow, cobbled streets with beautiful architecture, shops, hotels, restaurants and apartments.


It also leads to many of Zurich’s significant historical landmarks like Grossmunster.


I also love the view of the river from here. One of the best things about the city is whizzing around Zurich on their tram system – it’s a great way to get from A to B and see the city.  I snapped a pic of the snowy peaks across Zurich Lake while on my way back from a meeting.


5) What was the best meal you had whilst on your trip?

I had a meal at Café Boy in Zurich, which sources local, seasonal produce for all their dishes.  I ate sole served with citron and risotto.  Citron is an ancient type of citrus with very little juicy segments and a thick white rind.  It has a very distinctive light lemony flavour.  Delish!

6) What is the most popular local cuisine?

Cologne is a lover of all things pork and they do it in generous style.

7) What 3 things should readers travelling to Colonge try while they are there?

When travelling to Cologne you should definitely visit the Dom Cathedral,


one of the famous beer halls for local beer and pork dishes (I recommend Haxenhaus or Früh) and the love locks on the bridge where couples put locks on the fence to seal their love.  There are believed to be 14 000 so far.


Shopping tip:  My favourite place to shop is neumarket strasse.  It’s long and festive with thousands of possibilities. And oh, the January sales!

8) Which was the best spot you tried for drinks/ live music?

In Zurich I spent an evening in a beautiful venue called Café Voltaire.  We happened to walk into an evening of live Jazz and cheese.  Accompanied with red wine while it was rainy and cold outside, it was my most enjoyable evening.


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