abroad – Chamonix, France

Q&A with Emma Donovan  – communications consultant

Emma provides strategic input to the team for PR, social media and content development. As she’s a fellow foodie and traveller, we decided to find out more about her recent to visit to the Alps:

1) You recently travelled to Europe, where did you go?

I spent just over two weeks in a gorgeous little town called Chamonix, very close to Mont Blanc in France.

2) What was the reason for your travels?

A combination of work, family and fun.

3) What did you love most about this trip?

There were far too many things to pick one… but if I have to narrow it down to my top two I’d say skiing and French food.

4) What is your favourite area in Chamonix?

The town centre is full of character, with a river running through it and a collection of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes.


5) What was the best meal you had whilst on your trip?

A cheese fondue and bottle of Beaujolais Villages wine at a cosy family run French restaurant called L’imprevu . It is served with chunks of baguette, a selection of local cold meats and cornichons (gerkins).

6) What is the most popular local cuisine? 

There are lots of local favourites, but a French ski town wouldn’t be the same without baguettes, croissants and an array of cheeses.

7) What 3 things should readers travelling to Chamonix try while they are there?

  1. A local specialty or two – take your pick from a cheese fondue, raclette, tartiflette or melted mont d’or.
  2. Take the cable car up to the top of Aguille du Midi (3842m) for unparalleled views of Mont Blanc and the valley below. If you’re an experienced skier you can ski back down to Chamonix on the renowned off piste Vallee Blanche route.
  3. A hot chocolate from Le Gouthe – the Grand Marnier and Cinnamon options are both incredible (and it’s highly rated on Trip Advisor too) 


8) Where is the best spot for drinks/ live music?

Lots of the local bars have a happy hour or two and après ski live music – Chambre Neuf is the most festive with a brilliant band, endless jugs of beer and people dancing on tables!


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