3 loves of May

By Shelley Barnard, eat.art MD

1. Tsonga – this month, during the daunting search for winter boots that will look good and last a few seasons, I walked into the Tsonga store in Franschhoek.  I have great respect for this business that produces a handmade product, has created a successful commercial venture and uplifted a community in the process through their Thread of Hope Trust.


I immediately thought that their shoes were beautiful, but had the preconception that they were out of my price range.  I tried on a few pairs of boots and found a pair with the softest leather and slight heel for the same price as the major retailers’ boots I bought last year that broke within a few days.  So I whipped out the credit card and am feeling so proud of my South African made purchase.

Check them out at www.tsonga.co.za. They have stores around the country and you can buy online.

2. Thai café – Sunday blues can hit the Barnard household hard, so recently we’ve started going to eat Sunday dinner at Thai Café, Palmyra Junction.  We visited Thailand last year (best holiday ever!) and find the Thai café offering a really good reflection of the fresh, tasty food you get there.  It’s also really reasonable.  My Tom Yum soup with prawns helped me feel like I’d cancelled out all the weekend evils and only cost R37!  They also serve Singha, a Thai beer that we fell in love with while over there.

Click here to find your nearest Thai Café http://www.thaicafe.biz/

3. Fab things http://fabthings.co.za/  – this tiny little store can be found in 2nd Ave, Harfield Village.  Its filled with jewellery, local ceramics, clothes and endless bits and bobs that can keep you enthralled for hours.  There are always so many things I want to buy that I end up completely overwhelmed! It’s the perfect store to visit when you have a friend’s birthday to buy for or just want to spoil yourself.  They even have their own wrapping paper and gift tag designs. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has been put in to what they stock.

fab things 4 fab things 3

Do yourself a favour and pay them a visit.  They also have a store in Newlands Quarter (across from Dean Street mall).

Images sourced from www.planetshoes.com and www.facebook.com/FabThingsSA

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