3 loves of June

By Shelley Barnard

This month I’m sending some love Robertson’s way (the town, of course!!)

1. Mo & Rose wine bistro

I dare say this is my favourite restaurant in the Western Cape.  One day I will do a proper review but every time I go I seem to have such a great time that I completely forget to document the experience.


This restaurant has an unparalleled setting. A white washed barn in a cactus garden with the Langeberg mountains as the backdrop.  It’s surreal, and a touch magical when lit up with fairy lights at night.

The food is prepared with care and style by owner, Axel and your every wine-related desire is catered to by Byron.  The service is top notch and on your second visit chances are you’ll be recognized.

Of course, to top it all off, the food is amazing!  Not a cheap experience but well worth saving for.  Eating their T-bone has changed the way we serve steak in our house forever.  No sauce required, just good quality meat, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper.  I suggest you use the eat.art murray river flake salt (of course!).


Everything is fresh and seasonal, my favourite type of menu that changes often and is very limited.  Only serve a few things but make them incredible.

To contact them visit www.moandrose.co.za or @moandrose

2. Wacky wine festival

This weekend (7-9th June) we head off to Robertson for their annual wacky wine weekend.  We’ve been going for the last 5 years and every time it’s a completely different experience but always fun!  The farms go to great effort to entertain with music, activities, food and of course – the best wine Robertson has to offer.  Pay R100 and visit as many wine farms as you like for tasting.  There’s really something for everyone from kiddies to students to 30 something’s and up.

This year, to earn the feast, we’ll also be doing the mountain bike race sponsored by  Robertson Winery in the morning. There are various distances as well as trail runs.


2012 wacky team at Excelsior (just before it got crazy)

Much planning and strategy goes into our wine farm choices.  We prefer to limit it to only 3 or 4 so that you don’t spend the day rushing around.  And in order to be safe we’ll be hiring a minivan for transport.  You can also use the wacky wine shuttle.  Top contenders for visits this year are Graham Beck (top of my list) and Springfield estate.

Visit www.wackywineweekend.com or @robertsonwinev for more info.

3. Robertson shopping!

There is a small but interesting variety of retail therapy options in the town.  My favourite is Spaces located in the main road.  It’s a warehouse that has been converted to offer collections from various suppliers.  All beautiful things from clothing to homeware to food.  You can spend hours looking at the huge variety on offer and will no doubt have a hard time keeping your credit card at bay.  They also have an artisanal coffee bar and deli-style eatery that is makes a great post-wacky hangover breakfast.


Spaces interior – image sourced from http://www.facebook.com/spaces.robertson

Other stores include Vanilla Rose, situated next to the well-known Bourbon Street restaurant, as well as the clothing store ‘La D da’ on the corner of Reits & Voortrekker rd.

Robertson is also famed for its amazing antique furniture finds.  There are stores up and down the main road (Voortrekker).  You never know what you could find.

Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “3 loves of June

  1. Great blog Shell – wish I was going….will definately put it on the list for next year and prepare the credit card for assault! Safe travels and ENJOY!

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