rebrand – look out for it! everyday products have been on the shelves for nearly a year.  We’re still relatively new to the grocery game, having focused all our attention on our popular gift ranges previously, and have learnt many lessons over the past couple of months.  These have made it clear that our packaging needed a revamp – a task that we tackled with delight! 

In terms of packaging we still love our PET tubs; they are visual, modern, recyclable and durable.  We felt, however, that the large ones that housed our exotic spice range were just too big.  It was more spice than you could use in the two-year shelf life (I actually tested this – curried up a storm and still had spice left over!). It also meant the price was too high and made us uncompetitive.

_PBS retouched copy

Old branding : Salts of origin

We are always going to be the high-end spice choice as this is a small company, products are hand packed and we insist on only the best ingredients – no bulking agents.  But we still needed to address the pricing issue; no one wants to spend nearly 50 bucks on a single jar of spice.

It also became clear that our labeling was getting lost amongst the noise on shelf.  Understated was not going to cut it in this category.  So we brought in brand experts Annelize and Elizabeth from Aisle B ( and briefed them with our thoughts on where we needed to be going.

“When redesigning’s Exotic Spice Mix and Salts of Origin packaging, our aim was to add visual strength to the range, increasing shelf presence and initiating recognition.
Our challenge was to create a balance between showcasing the contents and creating a bold eye-catching visual footprint. So, we designed a label that incorporated unique icons with a pressed stamp element. The icons pinned a personality to each variant, allowing for easy identification (on both the supermarket and kitchen shelves) while the stamp denotes authenticity, linking the product to its exotic roots. 
The result was packaging that reflected the flavoursome product range – great on your spice rack and even better on your food.”  Annelize from Aisle B

We’re so proud of the result! The exotic spice range uses bold colours and graphic elements.  The salt range sits well next to it but makes the interesting salt colours the hero.


New branding : Exotic Spices


New branding : Salts of origin

Our newly branded range is available at selected retailers in Gauteng and is gradually rolling out in the Western Cape.  Have a look out for it and let us know what you think!

Available in Cape Town at: Tokara Deli and Raith Gourmet

Available in Gauteng at: PnP on Nicol and Dousglasdale


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