Kitchen Chorus #5

By Nancy Hoepner

I am sorry to say it, but those of you who have not embarrassed yourself entirely lately doing a flamboyant Hillbilly triple-step to Robyn Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” cranked up to the max – are just plain missing out on both an excellent stomp session and prime opportunity to create kitchen magic!

**Please note this video is only suitable for adult viewing!

Recommended method for kitchen magic~

  • Don the Boobs and Butt apron the in-laws gave you in earnest five Christmas’s back
  • Grab 2 solid wooden spoons for use on counter tops
  • Push ‘play’ and crank up the volume to a semi-dangerous level without blowing a speaker (you might want to move the family sound system into the kitchen for this as opposed to replying on i-pod or mini kitchen-radio volume levels)
  • Turn anything on the stove to low, as it is in danger of burning!
  • Let the beat move through you and just let go….take the concept of “dance as if no-one is watching” to new heights and even if your family join in, dare yourself to get ridiculous!

Now, with the renewed sense of youthful vigour pumping through your veins together with that slightly sweaty brow – turn your average week-day meal into a masterpiece with an inspired selection of gourmet Salts and Spices of Origin.

Some of my latest moments of inspiration thanks to this months’ Kitchen Chorus selection~

Dukkah (and Smoked Salt) – to add a nutty smokiness to a creamy mushroom pasta

(I have recently discovered the delicate deliciousness of Shimeji mushrooms….added with Portebellini’s and you have yourself a mushroom pasta for the books!)

Za’atar – to round off a classic Spag Bowl

Black Lava Salt (plus a dash of Smokey Chipotle Chilli Addict Sauce) – sprinkled over a smooth, smokey pea and ham soup

For more information on any of the products mentioned above, visit the striking new website


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