Restaurant review – The Table, De Meye Wine Farm

By Lorin Galloway

In the days drawing close to our reservation we scoured the Table website for previous menus, eagerly awaiting that Sunday’s offering to be posted! Finally it happened – The published menu brought a bit of something new to my palate, a huge cheat for Shané’s detox cleanse and lots of bread and butter for the boys. Shané and I were filled with anticipation and a certain hunger only the Winelands could satiate.

 IMG_0736 copy

After a grey and windy week we awoke to a superb sunny Sunday and off we set on our journey to Paarl. A short drive out of Cape Town (with the help of comprehensive directions from their site) we arrived a full hour before lunch was to be served and took a tour of the grounds followed by a wine tasting. We began our tasting tour with whites, and despite my love for rich reds, we decided it was a lovely warm day to attempt a few Chardonnays. We found them crisp and refreshing!  We then gladly moved on to the reds and consumed about 2 full glasses each making us keen customers. On to the much awaited meal!

We were seated at our beautifully set table under the shade of a giant tree, served an icy jug of lime cordial and a generous platter of Jason’s freshly baked bread, farm butter, coppa ham and salami. A dish of the tastiest baba ganoush was served as a dipper for the bread and the sweet salty pickles perfectly complimented the charcuterie platter. All of this was accompanied by lightly dressed salad greens.

 IMG_0722 copy

We all over indulged, considering this was the start of a rather large meal but it was too delectable to stop. After a short digestive break and some sun soaking, the overflowing mains platters were brought to the table.

 20130519_133718_1 copy

One platter contained 4 bread and sage stuffed quails, the next a rather generous portion of sautéed potatoes and, finally, a freshly dressed micro salad topped with halved quail eggs and fresh raw peas. The delicate quails, glazed in honey, were tender and sweet, tempered by the rich and salty stuffing. The potatoes were large and meaty which and balanced by  the elegantly light salad

20130519_133724_1 copy

More cordial ensued, followed by the house Rosé. At this stage we were all overheating, our bellies too full and our skin warm to the touch. We moved our table to follow the shade and rested as much as we could propped up by the chairs.

We took a meander around the grass, trying to sneak a squeeze with Camilla’s little one, Amelia. We also viewed the products on offer alongside the restaurant, under the ‘pickled’ brand – all homemade and well priced.

IMG_0718 copy

A little more relaxing at the table and the dessert was served. We were all excited as none of us had tried Molotov before. The sweet and light caramel goodness we experienced did not disappoint! It was a rather large portion, served with a berry coulis, some fresh raspberries topped off with a spoonful of homemade chocolate ice cream. Just … too … amazing!

 20130519_143431 copy

Our afternoon experience had left us feeling sleepy and satisfied. We didn’t even make it back to the cellar to purchase the wines we liked! Definitely a good reason to go back!

IMG_0735 copy

Note: The Table has, as of June 1st, been taken over by new owners, Jessica Shepherd and Luke Grant. We have met them and their lovely dog-son and have no doubt The Table will continue serving the great food they have built their reputation on! We are eagerly awaiting chef brother and sister team Camilla and Jason’s new venture.


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