3 loves of July

 By Shelley Barnard

1.Madame Zingara

The much-loved travelling troupe have extended their stay in Cape Town until Jan 2014 with new acts starting in August.  By now just about everyone I know has experienced it and are perhaps ready for another go.  Hubby and I only managed to get through the challenge that is telephonic booking and attend a performance last week (having last seen them at Century City).  I think the waterfront location is much better.


Embracing the painted face!

There were a few thoughts that flashed through my mind while I waited for doors to open.  Firstly – It’s amazing that they can so expertly create the ‘feeling’ of magic.  Secondly – I am so impressed that this is a South African production!!  And finally – These people know how to print money!  The paid for add-ons are so clever – From the dress up shop to the face painting (which of course I couldn’t resist!) to the R60 glass of champagne which I just had to have to celebrate the evening. The whole concept is brilliant!  And we hadn’t even entered the tent yet!  The food offering consisted a 4 course meal with the mains choice of the iconic chocolate chilli fillet, Norwegian salmon, a vegetarian option and a newcomer – Springbok shank.  The service was outstanding – the staff seem to move in fast-forward mode. They manage to feed a huge amount of people in a very short space of time. It’s a well-oiled machine.

Of course the whole experience is around the performances. Amazing athletes doing crazy things with their bodies. I won’t give too much away here as the surprise of each act is so rewarding. The Madame Zingara experience is well worth it, time and time again.

Click here for their WebsiteTwitter and Facebook pages.

2. We-heart-this.com

I’m quite new to the online shopping vibe infiltrating all aspects of my life.  I’m comfortable with buying books and cooking implements online but clothes and the like are only starting to creep into my consciousness (how do you know what it will look like on?). But as I started getting up the guts, and browsing 14 pages of boots trying to find one that could suit me, I came across the website we-heart-this.com and found no difficulty in coveting page after page of beautiful merchandise.   It’s easy to imagine adorning myself with many of these items. The range covers jewellery, art, home-ware, cushions and, my ultimate weak spot, stationery. All made in South Africa and spanning 30 different suppliers. It’s enough to make you warm and fuzzy about the talent in SA. While I struggle to decide what to click on for my first online purchase, I encourage you to check it out!

Click here for their WebsiteTwitter and  Facebook pages.


Inifinty rings by Famke, stocked at We Heart This

3. Old Khaki

The Old Khaki brand quietly cropped up in Cape Union Mart a few years ago but then came into its own when they opened their own stores.  The stores themselves are wood paneled, relaxed and inviting.  My normal branch is at Cavendish and I can spend hours browsing through the wide range clothing and accessories.   I love that they use quality fabrics and often design something that looks standard on first appearances but then has a little twist when you look closer. Always understated, comfortable and offering quality.  I think this really justifies the price and you can often find some really good deals.  It’s also a fav for kitting out my husband.  Follow them on Facebook and get informed first of some amazing sales.


Old Khaki – 2011 advertising campaign : unrestricted

Click here for their Website, Twitter and Facebook pages.


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