3 loves of August

By eat.art MD, Shelley Barnard


This picture shows our lazy Sunday lunch from last week.  A rush to the braai as the sun suggested that the terrible storm had left the building.

I looked at the set table and realized that this table represented a few of my favourite things and so I decided to dedicate the 3 loves of August to them.

Special mention needs to be given to the eat.art Crushgrinders which are our own design -made of bamboo and acrylic they add sparkle to any table.

wonkiware1. Wonkiware:

All the bowls and plates pictured here are from Wonkiware.  I have been lucky enough to be involved in exporting some of the Wonkiware range and can testify to the amazing effect these products have on all who encounter them.

The journey came from the humble beginnings of Di Marshall looking for something to do in George while her kids were at school to the meeting of talented, driven locals who honed their craft and created something that was completely unique. Plates and bowls in beautiful and varied colours with a variety of patterns or finishes to them, all with that handmade, ‘wonki’ feel. They quickly spread in popularity in South Africa and abroad and can be found in the iconic Conran shop in Europe & Japan and landed up creating Nigella Lawson’s crockery range.

The product is handmade so the prices are not low.  They’re great for your birthday list, wedding registry or something to blow your bonus on (as I did).

Check them out at www.wonkiware.co.za | Facebook

recipe book 1

2. A week in the Kitchen:

The Harissa chickpea salad on the left comes from my favourite recipe book in the world, called “A week in the Kitchen” by Karen Dudley of the famous little Eatery in Woodstock called “The Kitchen”.  I love this book for all the unusual, colourful and tasty salads that it offers in amongst brilliant photography, by Russel Wasserfall, with stolen moments of the décor, staff and patrons of this quirky little spot.  I find that everything I make from it works perfectly and is an absolute hit with my guinea pigs guests. Comments that have abounded from such meals have included “I have never liked salad until I ate yours and you taught my wife to make this vinaigrette” and most recently from my husband “Make sure you make your fancy salads for my sister when she comes to visit this weekend so she’s impressed”. A compliment if I ever heard one!

Besides the salads you’ll also find a few meat dishes, their famous love sandwich and tiny little morsels of sweet deliciousness.

Available at exclusive books, for more info slick here: Facebook |  Twitter | Website 

wine 1

3. Springfield estate

This is definitely my favourite wine estate in SA!  I love both reds and whites and tend to drink them in accordance with the season.  As Sunday hinted at summer we felt it time to pop open the Wild yeast Chardonnay. We’ve nicknamed this wine “Pineapple express” from the previous vintages offering bursts of pineapply tropical flavours without the heavy headache-inducing wooded elements that tend to scare people off Chardonnay.  The most recent vintage is more understated but very easy drinking – it just tastes like more!

Other winners from Springfield are Whole Berry and Work of Time.  I don’t know if it’s the romantic names they have or the beautiful packaging design but I just love everything this wine stands for.  An appreciation for the elements and a constant drive for excellence that results in sold out wines long before the next vintage is released.


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