Egg cozy gift

By Shelley Barnard, MD

In honour of celebrating breakfast we thought we should showcase a gift we made last year – The egg cozy gift.  It has to be one of my favourites of all time.

We’re all familiar with knitted the tea cozies of yesteryear but Irene and I found these egg cozies while on a sourcing trip and thought they were such a cute take on an old favourite.  We just had to make something out of it.  We paired them with custom handmade egg cups from The Potters workshop and some cant-live-without salt and pepper to make this adorable ensemble.  Unfortunately it isn’t in our basic gift range but if we have sufficient demand we can do another production run.


The only thing that bothers me about this gift is that I was unsuccessful in sourcing the egg cosy’s locally.  I tried to get them made by a community project but this fell through.  Since then I have met someone from a community outreach program called “Rays of Hope” and they have made their first set of samples.  We think they’ll be great on their own or atop a salt & pepper grinder.  They come with a great story of upliftment and are useful.  No egg should be chilly ever again.  Interested? Email us –

eggy2 low straight low


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