Our top 10 breakfast spots : Cape Town CBD

We have noticed a trend towards going for breakfasts, more and more people are choosing this time of day to socialize and eat delicious meals.

We have compiled a list of our top 10 breakfast spots in Cape Town CBD area:

  • Sidewalk Cafe: ‘Perfect for lazy breakfasts, leisurely lunches, sundowners or romantic dinners, this charming venue is disarmingly casual with just a dollop of sophistication.’ – sidewalk.co.za

  • Bread, milk & Honey: ‘While the intimate downtown eatery forms the base of a homely bakery and catering business the fare on offer in the store ranges from great cakes and sandwiches to delicious and inventive salads.’ – unlike.net
  • Liquorice & lime: ‘…is the most consistent coffee shop/restaurant in Cape Town. Coffee is great, service fantastic and a fabulous menu. From breakfasts to pasta, salads, tremazini`s and everything else, you can`t go wrong.’ – tripadvisor.com
  • Vovo Telo: ‘Artisan baking masters have come to share their skills and experiences with Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront. The menu consists of simple food made really well with some of the best ingredients.’ – eatout.co.za
  • Dear Me: ‘In this spot described as part brasserie and part pantry, head chef Vanessa Marx has catapulted a predominantly breakfast and lunch space as a haven for innovative dishes made with the freshest ingredients that have been grown sustainably.’ – eatout.co.za
  • Birds Cafe: ‘The gentle sound of birdsong, playing off a battered old turntable, welcomes you to the rough and ready interior of Birds Boutique Café, a quirky restaurant housed in a beautiful old building in Bree Street.’ – unlike.net
  • Clarkes Diner: ‘So I finally got round to visiting Clarke’s, the latest hip place to be in Cape Town. Clarke’s is inspired by American diners and serves traditional American style food, amazing burgers and breakfast all day. Breakfast all day… now that really appeals to me!’ – lanaloustyle.com
  • Superette: ‘Superette is the kind of place where you can sit in a sunbeam with a (very decent) cup of coffee and lose yourself in your all-day breakfast, well, all day. Watch the world go by and feel like a real eco-warrior just by being on the premises.’ – afoodieliveshere.co.za

image source: http://www.food24.com

  • Neighbourgoods Market: ‘You might have to elbow a few trendy youngsters out of the way to get your hands on one of the artisan breads in the trailer, or for a poached egg rosti from Luke Dale Roberts’s stall, but it remains one of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning of hipster watching and delicious nosh in the Mother City.’ – eatout.co.za
  • Hemelhuis: ‘Foodies flock here daily for delicious coffee, sumptuous breakfasts and amazing pastries that are baked daily. Lunch is a stay-longer-than-you meant-to affair as the menu is seasonal, fresh and the dishes imaginative and downright delicious.’ – food24.com
  • Haas: ‘The Haas Coffee Collective is the latest addition to Cape Town’s coffee scene.  Specialising in exotic and rare coffees, the coffee collective is a collaboration between Robertson’s Strictly Coffee, artist and designer Francois Irvine and former creative director, Glynn Venter.’ – ilovecoffee.co.za

What is your favourite breakfast spot? Tomorrow we will post our Top 10 breakfast spots in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.


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