Our top 10 breakfast spots: Cape Town Southern Suburbs

To continue our post from yesterday, today we will give you our Top 10 breakfast posts in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town:

  • Backyard Cafe: ‘Come and escape the hustle and bustle with The Backyard Cafe while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee, whilst basking in the sunshine in the most glorious little garden. They’d love to have you.’ – food24.com

  • Olympia Cafe: ‘Simply furnished with wooden tables, an assortment of chairs and the paintings, photographs and artworks that we’ve come to expect from the area, the strongest décor statements are still the quaint harbour views on the one hand and the leaping flames and sizzling oil on the other.’ – kalkbay.org
  • Knead Bakery: ‘Expect fresh, rustic café-style food, like sandwiches dripping with pesto and fresh rocket, fluffy scrambled eggs, steak rolls with thin-cut fries, buttery croissants and moreish oblong pizzas topped with flavourful ingredients such as chorizo, whole eggs and pancetta.’ – eatout.co.za
  • La Belle: ‘Basking in the shade of hundred-year-old oaks, la Belle invites you to while away hours over fresh-from-the oven bakes as well as both light and wholesome meals. Accompany with bubbles, doubles or simply a freshly squeezed juice of your choice.’ – thealphen.co.za
  • Tashas: ‘Tashas has successfully introduced a new, boutique cafe experience, which has a unique signature style and a point of differentiation from the existing, globalised, franchised model.’ – wininganddining.co.za
  • Cafeen: ‘Cafeen is a place to chill out and blend into a relaxed atmosphere. Savour fantastic views of the mountain while enjoying our legendary coffee. Whether it be breakfast or lunch, our meals are prepared fresh every day. We also offer a range of freshly baked confectionaries.’ – sa-venues.com
  • Four&twenty: ‘The two Silwood trained chefs create dishes made with love, local produce and loads of seasonal flavours. Don’t expect the menu to be the same for more than two weeks, these two creatives enjoy coming  up with new dishes way too much. And if you can’t stay for lunch then at least pop in to grab some of the items from their product range or a freshly bread or fruit tartlet to take home.’ – theprettyblog.com
  • Starlings: ‘A small menu, but it’s so hard to choose! Fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast, or the fig and camembert croissant, all fresh and buttery? Freshly baked quiche for lunch, or a gourmet sandwich? All are fresh and tasty.’ – eatout.co.za
  • River Cafe: ‘ Situated at the entrance of the Estate River Café has long been a popular social haunt in the Constantia Valley. Revered for its sumptuous breakfasts, River Café offers an assortment of freshly baked pastries, cakes and muffins complemented by a café style menu.’ – dining-out.co.za
  • Greens: ‘Situated in the leafy surrounds of the High Constantia centre, Greens is one of those restaurants that has a pleasantly relaxed ambience, despite a steady flow of customers throughout the day.The menu offers a substantial choice of breakfasts from the Traditional English, to the ever popular Eggs Benedict, as well as the more adventurous combination of French toast, bacon and berries.’ – dining-out.co.za

Have you had the pleasure of visiting any of there lovely places? If so, what did you think about them?


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