Interview with Richard Kaegi

We have been a proud supplier of Globus Department Stores for the past 10 years. To walk through the infinitely exquisite Delicatessa Halls is testament to what a feather in the cap this is for any food producer. Indeed it is a foodie’s paradise where one can find delicious delicacies from every corner of the globe. It is no wonder then Globus sets the international benchmarks of quality, aesthetics and innovation.

der skeptische koch

The driving force behind the the Delicatessa department is Head Food Scout Richard Käegi. Richard has dedicated himself to the pursuit of the extraordinary in life and food. His extensive travels are a constant source of inspiration which translates into the colourful Delicatessa shelves. This Q&A offers a peak into this food aficionado’s current flavours of the month…

  1. What is your role at Globus? What makes you good at it?

I am senior buyer and foodscout for the food-department of our ***delicatessa-food halls, one of the most prestigious speciality food stores in the world. I do this job for 20 years and I cant imagine any better work.

  1. What is your favourite new product or cooking technique at the moment?

It’s sous-vide cooking and the brining-method. I brine almost all of my meat. It makes a real difference in flavour and juiciness.

  1. What is the most interesting meal you’ve ever had?

I cant point out a single one. Interesting doesn’t also mean the best. I’m tired of eating 20 or more tiny courses of stuff I cant even recognize and paying a fortune. I really like simple and honest dishes, prepared with the best sourced or available products and cooked to perfection. This year it was a lunch in a restaurant near san Sebastian, at the fishing port. Unbelievably good fish and meat, grilled to perfection at a large charcoal grill. That’s how legends are born.


  1. What do you like about South African food and food products?

The chefs there are creative and using their own ingredients, SA has – due to its many climate zones and long coastlines – such a variety of fresh and healthy products. And the wines are great and such good value.

  1. What is your favourite restaurant in Cape Town and why?

I don’t have a favourite one but for meat its Carne, for Asian its Saigon, for sushi its Willoughby’s, for a simple lunch its Olympia or The Table at De Meye.

We thank Richard for his time and look forward to all our future work with Globus in the future.


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