Restaurant review : Brunch edition

By Shané Peterson, our marketing assistant

This month I am going to do a different version of our normal restaurant review and focus on my favourite places to go for brunch since being so inspired by our “Breakfast hot spots” post last week. It made me realise just how often I in fact have breakfast out and about.

I have found myself at many brunches the last few months, whether it be for lengthy birthday celebration, a quick bite while on the go or a coffee and slice of cake while catching up with an old friend, brunch is where it’s all happening. Here are the top 2 spots that have caught my eye and they both actually happen to be on our top 10 list’s.

  • Vovo Telo: Pretty new to the V&A Waterfront this little gem is great for any meal of the day and they prides themselves in their artisanal pastry selection… think along the lines of freshly baked loaves of bread, chocolate croissants, savory morsels and even red velvet cake (my firm FAVOURITE at the moment). They have an extensive menu which caters to a wide variety of palettes and preferences and serve classics as well as twists on local cuisine such as their Famous Baker Boys Bunny Chow. Being surrounded by vintage bookcases, wooden floorboards, stunning wallpaper and waiters that are always on hand, one can easily spend a great portion of your day there and never want to leave its inviting ‘homely’ ambiance.

red velvet

  • Superette: located at the trendy Woodstock Exchange lies this hip and happening café. Known for its gourmet Saturday breakfasts and constant flow of coffee lovers getting their daily fix, this café defines everything that is ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’. Whether you are going to join them for a sit-down meal, stroll through and select a pastry or two from their counter or even just wanting to browse their grocery selection, I am confident you will find something to tickle your fancy here. I went for the first time, to a friend’s birthday brunch and the clean and crisp feeling you get from the white tiles accented by the grey and yellow splashes of colour is a refreshing feeling for so early on a Saturday (read: sleep day) morning. I indulged and had the Poached eggs with ‘yumminess’ and I was not disappointed. A very fair sized portion left me feeling full and happy. My hubby had a little more space left and decided to treat himself to ‘dessert-at-breakfast’ (which I was assured was ‘allowed’ at places this ‘hip’) and had a hazelnut and caramel muffin which look AMAZING!

poached eggs



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