Top 10 beaches in Cape Town

Seeing that the sun is out and seems like it isn’t going anywhere, the only thing on our minds is heading off to the beach for a lovely day in the sun and surf! We might be limited to weekend beach visits but that won’t stop us. This time of the year the days start seeming longer and weekends feel like there actually might be enough time to relax before Monday rears its head again.

Yes, everyone tends to be a bit busier socialising but I for one will certainly not let this get in the way of my beach (read: tanning) time. For example:  If you are planning a lunch with friends, rather turn it into a beach picnic! Pack your brolly and a lovely basket of picnic treats and enjoy some time in the sunshine. (Don’t forget your sunblock – nothing worse than looking like a lobster or damaging your skin)

These are our top 10 beaches in Cape Town and surrounding areas:

1)      Boulders – this is the perfect beach for family time. With a lively crowd of penguins, this beach is fun and great for a day out with the kids. When the tide is low you can swim from one side of the beach to the other as it is sheltered from waves.

Muizenburg beach
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2)      Muizenburg – the ultimate beach to go to if you want to learn how to surf, or if you just want a nice open long beach to visit. The one-stop beach of the Cape Town southern suburbs. 1

Muizenburg beach
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3)      Long beach –a great flat, long and open beach, lovely  for long walks, picnics and even horse riding. One of the few beaches left with a very ‘untouched’ feeling.

4)      Camps Bay – This picturesque strip of beach is well known for the crowds in summer, either relaxing under the palm trees or playing beach bats on the sand. Great for the family or a group of friends. Alongside the beach you will find a large selection of restaurants, shops and beach bars which are perfect for taking a lunch break or heading off for a cocktail and razzle as the sun starts to go down.

Clifton 4th beach
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5)      Clifton – One of the most iconic clusters of beaches in Cape Town. With stunning scenery, all the Clifton beaches are hip and happening. Whether you go for some quite family time on 1st or 2nd beach, or are all kitted out in your latest bikini and wanting to splash and be seen on 4th beach, Clifton has it all.

6)      Glen Beach – a surfers paradise when the waves are decent and a nice quiet family beach when the swell is smaller. A real local gem which is often missed by those visiting its big sisters, Camps Bay or Clifton.

Llandudno beach
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7)      Llandudno – this is the ‘everything in one’ beach – good for family trips, swimming, surfing, chilling and picnics. The ultimate place to watch a beautiful Cape Town sunset.

8)      Koeel Bay – the walk down to this beach is well worth it – the beach seems to always have a vibe.  There are often lots of youngsters and surfers and sometimes even families who frequent this stunning ‘hidden’ beach surrounded by cliffs. The cliffs luckily provide spots of shade in the nooks case the sun becomes too much for you.

9)      Blouberg – This long strip of beach is great for sunsets and taking in the surrounds.  Very active and often windy enough for many water sports not possible at other beaches such as Kite/Wind surfing.

Langebaan lagoon
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10)   Langebaan – this quaint little town gives off an ‘always on  holiday’ feel. Although it is probably not technically a beach, the lagoon is the perfect spot to relax. You can set up an umbrella and have a picnic with the kids or you can hire a paddle ski and go exploring across the lagoon to other beaches if the tide allows. Often quite breezy, this is also a popular spot for water sports such as kite surfing.


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