Introducing Food Craft by

“We say Chimmichurri and you say ‘huh’ what??” creates fascinating foodie products inspired by cutting-edge gourmet trends. We are passionate about bringing out the discerning chef in the everyday cook. However, this is being achieved one exceptional dish at a time, rather than many…

To aid us in our goal we realised we needed to find a way to showcase our Exotic Spices, Salts of Origin and sassy Chilli Addict sauces and let them do the talking, rather than us the explaining.

IMG_0163 IMG_0168

Through chatting to other small producers it became apparent that they had the same desire to introduce their products to consumers in an intimate setting, highlighting practical ideas for use. And so it seemed that multiple trends seemed to meet at this common idea: craft producers of fine products, pop-up restaurants and the consumers growing interest in who makes their food, where it comes from and the story around it.


Food Craft is an engagement to wholly experience a collaboration of local artisanal producers. Proudly hosted by


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