Food Craft – whats the story?

Food Craft is the name we’ve given to a series of events that we plan to launch over the next year (and beyond if they become popular).  They are a collaboration of artisanal producers to expose food loving attendees to their products.  Different events offer different collaborators.


Small producers generally don’t have the budget to advertise how great their products are.  The best thing they can do is get you to taste them.  Chances are, after that, you’ll be a fan.  Our products, in particular, are sometimes quite fantastical so we really want to show potential fans how to use them.

What better way than to organize an evening of like-minded small companies to host an evening of tasting, eating, drinking and merry-making.  No one involved is making any money out of this, it’s purely aimed at exposure and personal interaction.

So here’s a chance to try something new at a really good price.  You’re bound to learn something  and at the very least walk away with a full tummy.

Come join us!



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