abroad – Cologne, Germany

Q&A with Sales Executive, Sue Gillespie about her recent trip to the Germany.

1)  You recently travelled to Germany, where did you go to?
We travelled to the beautiful city Cologne in Germany.

2) What was the reason for your travels?
We were exhibiting at the Anuga Food Show.

3)  What did you love most about Cologne?
Cologne is a beautiful city steeped in rich cultural history. One simply has to glance at the skyline to see the magnificently imposing Dom cathedral, walk along the Rhine river or visit one of many world-famous museums to realise the depth of this ancient German city. For many years now, the love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge have been considered one of the most charming attractions. Couples fix padlocks to the railings and then throw the key into the Rhein River below to ensure everlasting love. It’s lovely to behold and a favourite of mine!

Dom Cathedral

Love Locks Brudge

4)  Where is the best spot for drinks/ live music?
Cologne has an incredible nightlife. There are countless bars, street side restaurants and brew houses where you can enjoy an ice cold Kölsch beer. Do not bother asking for any other beverage, firstly they probably won’t serve it, and Kölsch can convert anybody to a bona fide beer drinker. I speak from experience J A favourite spot of ours was a jazz pub called Papa Joes on Alter Markt. It’s tiny, but the jazz is legit and you won’t get out until early hours of the morning…

Papa Joes

5) What was your favourite restaurant there?
Haxenhaus zum Rheingarten is the oldest pub restaurant in Cologne and was a firm favourite. The décor is a throwback to 500 years ago and the views of the Rhein River is something very special. Most importantly, it’s not just any restaurant where you can order bratwurst and Kölsch by the meter!


6)  What was the best meal you had whilst on your trip?
Haxenhaus Pork Knuckle.

7)  What 3 things should readers travelling to Germany try while they are there?
Tour of the Dom Cathedral, shopping along Schildergasse and Hohe Straße, and Kölsch beer!


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