Colcacchio – now serving breakfast!

I think the Colcacchio tagline of “We’re the reason you crave pizza” is brilliant – and completely spot on!  I am completely addicted to their Carpe Funghi and Nacho Libre.  I can’t imagine getting pizza from anywhere else.  Even more than the pizzas though, I am a fan of their salads!  A large, delicious array that has a mixture to suit every mood and can make a salad eater out of even the most reluctant husband.

Recently, however, I noticed it advertised that some of the stores have started serving breakfast so I thought this Sunday we should give it a try in between running around.  Another chance to impress me and make me even more of a fan.  Our local branch is the small Mio store in Belvedere Road, Claremont.  It only has a few tables but is really cosy and sunny and has great, friendly service.

The menu cover all range of breakfast choices from a classic breakfast option to oats, flapjacks and my favourite – boiled eggs and soldiers.  Then of course, because they couldn’t help themselves, there are 4 breakfast pizza options to choose from.


The pricing is very reasonable from R25 – R69 but few of the options offer bacon and rather offer it as an add on at R14.  You can also order Salmon R40, Bresaola R45 or prosciutto R40.  I must say I find the last three really expensive but am unsure how much you get for that price, surely you don’t need a mountain of the stuff.  Generally you can get Eggs benedict with Salmon for around R60.  Here you’d be looking at a classic breakfast with salmon add on for R89 – a bit steep for me and maybe something they can reconsider.

In the end I ordered my fav and my husband ordered the Porco brekkie pizza (perfect to stop the pounding in his head from one too many the night before).  They were beautifully presented and the pizza style toasted strips were an interesting and tasty diversion from good old toast.

20131201_095234 20131201_100136

I was impressed and am keen to go back to try the other items.  Whatever these guys do, they do with tasty style!


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