It’s in the bag!

With feast of family, friends, festivity and flavour being much of what the last few weeks has been about its hard to sift through the treats and truants of the season to begin pin-pointing favourite moments to document. I have thus decided to take a step back and declare Christmas 2013 a resoundingly tasty, superbly chaotic and decadently delightful success….my only remaining wish is that yours’ was similar!

At a glance~

As per tradition for the ‘the eve of…’ we tend to shy away from meat for obvious reasons. My brother stepped up to the plate and proved that his nimble fingers are useful in the kitchen as well as the operating theatre – baked Pintail salmon served with Mediterranean vegetables comprising beans, plum tomatoes, olives and yes…anchovy fillets! Plus a steaming home-baked loaf of his Heineken and cheese bread…and that was just the start…


Pintail salmon


Mediterranean veg


Beer & cheese bread

We dabbled in some “From Africa With Love” flavours in honour of Tata M on the big day, which resulted in fantastic deviations from favourite traditional flavours, including some of the highlights – Moroccan lamb tagine, roast Harissa chicken, sticky sweet ‘n sour gammon, Jerk fillet medallions, phyllo veggie parcels; and paprika potats with peripheral flavours of beetroot and pine-nuts…


Phyllo vegetable parcel


Beetroot and pinenut salad

Our holidays are not complete without a curry cook-off between the siblings regardless of the fact that Lolly/ Dad/ Grandpa (aka Mr Habenero from “Blog #2, Chilli-con-Carnival”) wins with no contest (the man has Madras sauce for blood!) and this year was no different. My other half graced us with a truly exotic Thai-style chicken coconut curry which gave the Manne Madras a good run….but again, a vote of no contest! Sorry love!


The manne Madras


Thai coconut curry

And then there was Mr. Keith/ Dad/ Granddad (aka “Beaky” – don’t ask!) who foité turned himself to a beef Potjie of deserved distinction met with the simultaneous smacking of lips and non other but a pan of dumplings that…well…see for yourself…


Dad’s potjie


Dad’s dumplings

So, with waists close to bursting, livers close to collapsing and satisfaction on the lips we make our last declaration for 2013, and that would be that it is well and truly “In the Bag”! Done and dusted to our hearts content.

And of course, such feasts of fancy would not have been as delightful if not for my brilliant bag of tricks courtesy of Eat.Art.

What was in the Christmas 2013’s goodie spice basket you might ask?


  • Ras el Hanoot Exotic Spice Mix (lamb tagine)
  • Turkish Sumac Exotic Spice Mix (various greens)
  • Caribbean Jerk Exotic Spice Mix (fillet medallions)
  • Egyptian Dukkah Exotic Spice Mix (bread dippings)
  • Caprese Exotic Spice Mix (various salads and veggie parcel)
  • Salts of Origin: Hawaiian Black Lava, Hawaiian Red Alaea, Persian Blue, Kala Namak (great for eggs at breakfast time!), Himalayan Pink and Murray River

A New Year marks an annual resolution to experiment with new and unique flavours – here’s a challenge for you to join me and the Eat.Art team in our quest. Please send us your inspired dishes and spicy secrets from around the world.

To you and yours, happy New Year – may 2014 be choc and bloc with blessings in abundance.

Nan_blog picWritten for by: Nancy Hoepner  – Magpie: Creative Marketing, Design and Lifestyle

Mother-of-two delicious girls, lover of food (fine and fast), purveyor of all things pretty and Jill of all things ‘creative’…Nancy has a background in the visual arts, design and marketing and is the owner and Creative Director of Magpie. Having worked with the Eat.Art team before, she is thrilled to take time out from juggling and add some spice to the Eat.Art blog. Don’t get us wrong….it’s not that it needs it….it just wants more…and she is happy to oblige. |


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