In the search for Cape Town’s best burger

By MD, Shelley Barnard

Our quest started with the first foray at Royale eatery in Long street.  They are a constant on the numerous lists of CTs top 10 burger spots so we thought it was a safe bet to inaugurate the search.


We sat upstairs on the balcony and got a great view down long street.  The décor is also really quirky from the colourful fabric-covered balls above your head to the washroom basin where the water is funneled through a watering can and into a bucket.  The service was friendly and there were some interesting drinks on offer.  The guys tried various craft beers and I gave the frozen lemonade and cranberry lemonade a try.  Both were delicious.  Add a tot of vodka for the naughty version.


They have a great variety of burgers on offer, with crazy sounding names.  The pattys range from beef, chicken, vegetarian to ostrich.  An average patty is 160g and is pretty big but if you’re super hungry you can have a double burger or order one of the 250g options.  Singles range in price from R66 to R95.

If you’re feeling decadent you can order the succulent Wagyu burger at R108 a pop.

The toppings are where things get really interesting.  I had the Bop bop (as Im a gherkin freak) which consisted of gherkins, tomato, red onion, home made mustard mayo and “Mama’s son of b*tch chilli sauce on the side”.  After a description like that I was happy to find that I was able to eat it without dying.  Clearly I’m more hardcore than expected.

Other options that I thought were interesting were:

*El Burro: Here the beef in the patty is blended with chorizo, chillies and coriander and then its topped with mozzarella, smoked jalapeno’s, roast tomato salsa and guac.  (Sounds like it would go well with our chilli addict chipotle sauce!)

*Hawaiian miss piggy: A classic that you have to love – bacon, pineapple and guac

*Cosa Nostra: sun-dried tomato pesto, Mediterranean roasted veggies and melted mozzarella.


Another great aspect of Royale is your choice between chips, wedges and their iconic sweet potato fries.  I had the latter and they were divine, especially when topped with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. (Convinced myself that sweet potato is healthy so this is a good choice. Hee hee)

Reports all round the table were good and there were some extended moments of silence while everyone tucked in.

Finally, based on the theory that ice-cream fits around the food in your tummy and you’re never too full for it, we tried an array of the Royale milkshakes.  The large 600ml version at R45 is so big that they don’t even bother pouring it out of the silver mixing cup.


I shared the Lunch bar with my hubby and others tried the milo, choc brownie and Oreo.  I rated the choc brownie and Milo best.

So that was Royale.  Who knows what the rest of the best burger contenders will bring but this is a hard act to follow and I am committed to the search.


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