Fire and Ice Hotel – the search for the best burger continues

By MD, Shelley Barnard

The latest search brought us to the hotel where the décor is over the top grand, the restrooms are an experience and the promise of their famed milkshakes is reason enough for a visit.    But do you know that they also have an assortment of burgers that check the gourmet box?

They have a limited selection of pre-designed ensembles and from there you build your own.  The most notable burger and apparently, the best-selling, is “The jaws” – a huge 350g beef patty topped with paprika and melted cheddar that requires a snake like dislocation of mandibles for an all-encompassing bite.  It goes for R125 and we were super impressed to have one of our ladies ordering and finishing it!



Other ready made options have enticing names such as “spicy killer point” (Moroccan spiced lamb burger with cucumber raita and pickled delhi eggplant), “oceans eleven” (linefish fillet with lime essence) and magic shroom (Rosemary Portobello burger with camembert and roasted veg compote).

For those diners with commitment issues you can choose a selection of mini 60g patty burgers (sliders) ranging from 3 for R125 to 12 for R425 (nice for bar snacks for a group).  The only downside of these is that the selection is limited for 5 types and doesn’t encompass the full available range.


The build your own burger is where things get interesting.  You start with a patty at either 150g(R90 beef/lamb, R80 chicken) or 250g (R115 beef/lamb, R95 chicken) and it already includes a sauce of your choice.  You can then add another sauce (R25) and/or a topping (R35) if you so wish.


The sauces come separately from the burger and are really generous so you can easily share with friends and get to taste a selection.  They have really creative combinations and I didn’t taste one I didn’t like.  I had a lamb burger with the Leafy minted chutney but also tasted with Hot balsamic and rosemary jam and the funky funghi mushroom which were all divine.  One I’m sorry I missed had the interesting sounding name of “Peri peri pervert”.

For the toppings – one of our intrepid burger fundi’s tried the Macho Nacho topping (described as crispy nachos with guacamole and feta) but we found the portion small and quite disappointing.  I would have like to try the Flaming Rumba (a fruity pineapple salsa folded in wholegrain mustard and set alight to stroh rum) but wasn’t sure this would be fair to my unborn child nor had the appetite for R125 worth of burger.


Something else worth a mention is that the Vivreau bottled water on the table is available at no charge.  The glass bottles are sanitized and re-used for the built in water system.  No waste, no carbon footprint – great!

Overall – We all found our burger to be interesting, flavourful and juicy.  The sauces were all amazing.  For guys the 250g size is definitely preferable while the 150g is a good size for ladies.  The French fries are served in a funky way but from a flavour perspective are nothing special, just the normal frozen to fryer version.  All in all a good experience that wouldn’t be complete without the milkshake ending.lunchbar milkshake

A variety were tried but my favourite was the Ferrero Rocher as the gooey inside of the FR mixes really well with the ice cream and the wafer, choc and nuts give great texture bursts of yummyness.  It’s rich and delicious!  Prices are R40 for a half portion and R55 for a full.  Go large or go home.

So here is my burger experience ranking so far based on our visits:


  1. Royale Eatery
  2. Fire & Ice
  3. Da Vinci’s

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