Noakesie Hoaksie

Unless you live under a rock – you will have by now caught wind of the Tim Noakes revolution! Why ‘revolution’ you may ask – well, here is a scientist who has had the courage to challenge the norm and admit fault…surely this is at the heart of what a true scientist is? I have to admit that whilst we tend to be more conscious of carbs, we haven’t as yet given the diet a good run for its money.

So, today whilst been treated to a truly delish home-made lunch made by one of my newest and most lovely of clients, Give and Give – I was 100% inspired to climb on the Noakes’ wagon. Firstly, when faced with a baked fish dish…it is not often that one is swapping recipes after the first mouthful! And this one, complete with cream, cherry tomatoes, garlic and bacon was proudly declared a “Noakesie”. Together with a wholly simple side dish of creamy avo and (some more) sweet cherry tomatoes – what a lunch! Food for the heart, health and soul – a triple whammy….just my sort of synchronicity.

So, without further ado I am compiling my shopping list and climbing on board this high fat diet of note (or should I say Noake?). And whilst I am pondering a few meal time concoctions over an end-of-the-day glass of red, I am realising that this is the perfect opportunity to lay a few of Eat.Arts Exotic Spice mixes on the table to add that extra ‘oomphf’ to the generally dreaded idea of diet-friendly meals. Except…this appears to be no normal diet…




With its piquant peppery-lemon aroma, create a marinade by blending your spice mix with freshly squeezed lemon and good quality olive oil (cloudy unfiltered for added flavour) and baste chunky cubes of chicken breast before skewering in preparation for the braai or at a high heat on the griddle pan. Accompany with a green salad of avo, mint, petit poi and basil drizzled in coconut oil!


Egyptian Dukkah


This is one of those “must-haves” for your spice collection – amazingly versatile…roll your feta cubes in the mix before adding to the salad; create a crust by drizzling your camembert in oil followed by this spice mix before baking to soften and bring to life…rub on lamb before roasting…you name it, Dukkah adds smoke and a rich nuttiness.




A seemingly obvious choice, Gaucho is another no-brainer in terms of flavour when it comes to working with protein/ meats. Choose a high quality, thick-cut of rib-eye and coat in this gaucho mix with olive oil…leaving to stand for an hour or so. Griddle on a high heat, both sides, before popping into an oven (180˚) for about 8 mins. Remove and leave to rest before eating…

My hubby has a theory in that “it’s all about touch”…a rare steak with soften under your touch/ poke | a medium steak will push back at your touch and a well done steak will resist your touch. He always gets mine right and I am a ‘blue’ girl, so perhaps there is method behind this!



This spice blend inspires me to dust off the tagine…and prepare a flavour feast of chicken pieces (skin welcome) rolled in spice and covered in a sauce of whisked egg, lemon, olive oil, finely chopped fresh parsley, mint and green chilli! Serve with avo boats (skinned wedges) drizzled in white wine vinegar and cracked black pepper; together with lightly steamed asparagus in melted lemon-butter sauce.

Hmmmmmmm! Need I say more – and this is just the start!

Oh, did I mention that some of the Eat.Art Exotic Spices are now available in your larger Pick and Pay’s and Spars.

Nan_blog picWritten for by: Nancy Hoepner – Magpie: Creative Marketing, Design and Lifestyle

Mother-of-two delicious girls, lover of food (fine and fast), purveyor of all things pretty and Jill of all things ‘creative’…Nancy has a background in the visual arts, design and marketing and is the owner and Creative Director of Magpie. Having worked with the Eat.Art team before, she is thrilled to take time out from juggling and add some spice to the Eat.Art blog. Don’t get us wrong….it’s not that it needs it….it just wants more…and she is happy to oblige. | |



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