Singapore noodles – Porks best friend

By MD, Shelley Barnard

A large range of our exotic spices sits next to my stove.  Firstly because they look good and secondly to encourage me to think of where they can be used in all the dishes we cook.  Its amazing the numerous, and sometime crazy, flavour pairings we’ve found for them along the way – always with a delicious result.


I must admit that the Singapore noodles variant has sat there largely neglected – maybe it’s the name that has limited my thinking.  Then recently I discovered that it is the most incredible partner to just about any pork dish.  It must be the blend of warm spices and particularly the fennel seeds, garlic, ginger and cloves in the mix – old friends of the pork persuasion.  The other night we made succulent pork chops rubbed with the mix and then last night I used it on a traditional pork roast (with crackling of course).  Being a delicious meal that required multiple helpings I thought I’d share the recipe.  Its ridiculously easy, super impressive and totally tasty!



  • 1 (2-4kg) Pork Leg (bone in)
  • 2 Tablespoons of Singapore Noodles spice, or more as required.
  • Apple sauce


  1. Preheat oven to highest temperature, approx 275ºC, conventional heat.
  2. If the pork is not pre-scored then using a sharp knife, gently score the skin of the leg across in close parallel lines. Make sure you cut all the way through the skin to the meat. Keeping in mind, the more scores you make the crispier the crackling.
  3. Rub the entire leg with the Singapore Noodles spice mix making sure to rub it in well. This not only seasons the meat, but helps draw out moisture, helping to make the crackling super crispy.
  4. Place the roast on a rack, in a roasting pan and in the oven.
  5. Cook uncovered for 30 minutes at the highest heat, then reduce the temperature to 180ºC and continue cooking for approximately 25 minutes for every 500g of weight. An instant read meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the pork should read 70ºC. Once the roast is done, place on carving board and let sit at room temperature lightly tented with foil for at least 30 minutes to rest.
  6. Using a large serrated knife, thinly slice the pork and crackling on a cutting board and arrange the pork slices onto a serving platter. (Alternatively you can pull all the crackling off first and then slice the pork.)
  7. Drizzle any remaining juices from the pan and cutting board over the sliced pork. Serve the pork with the warm apple sauce, roast potatoes and winter veggies.




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