Food Craft #3 – New York Diner style at The Taproom

Another Food Craft done and dusted – and as always, they seem to get better and better (if we do say so ourselves!)


Food Craft Dining Experience #3 kicked off to the tunes of musician Mark Mcree who set the mood with his acoustic guitar and great songs together with a fine wine tasting of the Mullineux Kloof Street range passionately prescribed by Nicola Tipping of Mullineux, who spoke about their phenomenal wines and their most recent accolade of “winery of the year” by the Platter guide. This was accompanied by Barrets Ridge Beer bread (homemade in the kitchen of course) together with Rio Largo Olive Oil infused with Egyptian Dukkah for dunking.



Our guests were treated to starters lovingly prepared by private chef Ian Hamilton who wowed patrons by his transformation of the humble mushroom into a worthy course of its own, including a handmade tomato relish to write home about!

For mains, guests were engaged by a trio of flavor combinations in the form of three mini dishes (each of which was characterized by its own spice signature), paired accordingly with a Devils Peak Brew.  When Taproom chef, Dave, mentioned that his menu is often inspired by the TV programme ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ we knew he’d love our exotic spice range.  Sumac crusted hake on a bed of fries and pea puree, a pulled pork sourdough sandwich spiced with Moroccan Ras el Hanout and Indian Tandoori spiced Babotie on a bed of rice…dare we say more?


JC, a winemaker turned brewer, regaled the crowd with the history of the Devils Peak Brewery, their vision and the amazing successes they have had.  He imparted his knowledge on the beers tasted in the pairing, including: First Light, Woodhead Amber Ale and Kings Blockhouse IPA. And as the wine and beer continued to flow in true Food Craft fashion, was honoured to give guests their own little bit of background including: what makes tick…its products, and the reason behind the Food Craft functions. Of course, Food Craft is certainly not complete without its generous giveaways…in the form of a (very) lucky draw for prizes generously donated by the suppliers who collaborated in Food Craft #3.

Finally guests were spoilt by a chocolate tasting of DV chocolates, one of the only bean-to-bar producers in SA.  Pieter, the esteemed chocolatier, talked guests through the basics of chocolate tasting and opened up a whole new side to this luxury we often take for granted.


And with that, Food Craft #3 drew to a close…with guests well satiated at another dining experience showcasing some of the Capes  finest foodie products and people. Other than slightly tipsy, we hope that our guests left inspired and curious as to what we might have in the hat for the next one…

Lets do it again…soon!


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