Chocolate is Compulsory

One of my new clients who happens to be on her way to being a Health Coach cleverly thought up a catch phrase which sums up her beliefs…chocolate is compulsory! Now that is certainly a concept that resonates with me…

With our 4th Food Craft event just around the corner (24th November) I thought I would spill the beans on one of the highlights earmarked for our guests; which is testimony to the above being the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


The art that is chocolate truffle making is certainly heralded by the local Saszali sister duo, Jane and Sarah, who are why and how Saszali Chocolates are what they are today. Not only is their absolute love and dedication to their craft visible in the visual perfection of their little chocolate balls of love, but the flavours are simply something to behold! And best of all – they love experimenting with infusions of all kinds from teas to salts and spices….you name it, they’ve tried it, which is why their truffles are some of the best available on the local artisanal food scene. Their end product is proof that the age old idea of perfection in flavour lies in the fine balance between sweet and savoury. And to top it off, their beautiful attention to detail in their customisable packaging complete with intricate individual stories about each truffle makes their product truly one-of-a-kind.


Images courtesy of Saszali Chocolates: the truffles after their first dipping

The girls describe their artistic process…”Saszali Chocolate truffles consist of a soft centre called a ganache which is then coated in a layer of chocolate. The ganache is a combination of chocolate and cream or in some cases the cream is replaced by a fruit puree. The chocolate ganache is then flavoured in different ways – through infusing the cream with herbs (thyme or mint) or teas (rooibos); or adding liquors (whiskey) or spices (ginger). We use fresh cream and butter to make our truffles as well as high quality Belgium chocolate.”


Images courtesy of Saszali Chocolates: a Gingerbread chocolate truffle at a wine and chocolate pairing

For all of the above reasons and more, adores Saszali Chocolates, which is why they are a collaborator on our next Food Craft event, AGAIN. This is their 2nd appearance since they joined us for our very first, largely experimental Food Craft Dining Experience. Now back by popular demand their chocolate truffle tasting will feature actual gourmet salts and spices from the exotic ranges. And so….for all you chocoholics – you cannot possibly pass up this flavour experience!


Images courtesy of Saszali Chocolates

Join us on the 24th – for our 4th Food Craft Dining Experience – to experience some Saszali magic along with sublime offerings from other local food and beverage artisans as we celebrate local talent in the foodie sphere. Beat those Monday blues!

For tickets contact: Shané on 021 701 8785 or

Nan_blog picWritten for by: Nancy Hoepner – Magpie: Creative Marketing, Design and Lifestyle

Mother-of-two delicious girls, lover of food (fine and fast), purveyor of all things pretty and Jill of all things ‘creative’…Nancy has a background in the visual arts, design and marketing and is the owner and Creative Director of Magpie as well as a co-owner and partner of The Magpie and The Owl – Signature Events. Having worked with the team for some time, she is thrilled to take time out from juggling and add some spice to the blog. Don’t get us wrong….it’s not that it needs it….it just wants more…and she is happy to oblige. | |


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