products in Woolworths

We were so proud to work with Woolworths last year and have the largest range of products in their stores yet!  We created an offering exclusive to WW and were thrilled by how well they were received by the Woolies shoppers.

Heres a summary of the range  in case you missed some of them.  We’re already looking at options for 2015 Xmas!

Chilli Duo – An essential for the chilli lover.  A set of two jars of pickled chillies: Fiery Thai and Lethal Habanero.


Beer Bread – A locally made ceramic bowl with Olive, Garlic and Rosemary beer bread mix.


Coffees of origin – A tasting pack containing 9 x 80g sachets of coffee from around the world.


The Smokery – A home smoking kit supplying different types of wood chips, tea smoking mix and spice blends to experiment with smoking various types of meat at home.


Stacker basics – Moroccan, Indian and Middle Eastern.  So often we find that a recipe requires a small amount of spice and its irritating and expensive to go buy these individually.  We provide the solution in intelligent packaging themed along popular cooking trends.


The Spice Route – We combined some of our iconic exotic spice mixes with our popular tube slide gift packaging to make a selection that maps the world of spice.


Salt pot – A proudly South African made ceramic salt pot (also known as a salt mine or salt pig) containing the increasingly popular Oryx desert salt and accompanied by a wooden scoop.


Fynbos honey – A jar of WW much loved Fynbos honey accompanied by a honey scented candle and wooden dripper spoon.



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