The Halloween Scene

My children begin planning their Halloween attire on the 1st of November every year…yip, that’s the day after!

Whilst I am almost certain that their obsession begins with the fact that Halloween is defined largely by sweets, I do reckon that  a morbid fascination with spooks, zombies, vampires and blood is part of the reason – and of course the parade of costumes in the streets on the night thereof. All things considered – the kids dig it! And us older kids find it difficult not to get swept up by the festivities.

So, in our home we have turned this annual event into a gathering of the family and young cousins where we carve a pumpkin, braai some chops, hand out sweets, and flip a coin to decide who leads the trick or treat fleet.

This year however, I thought we would up the antsy and get a little more creative on the food front (not that there is anything wrong with good old chops) – perhaps this will inspire the same for you and yours…

  • Vampire cookies – Bloody raspberry jam filled butter cookies with eerily realistic fang marks detail.


  • Spooky spider devilish eggs – Lightly creamed and curried boiled eggs with scooped out centres and spidery olive detailing.


  • Ghostly Shepherd’s Pie – Quirky take on a traditional mince and mash pie. Certainly a winner for the kids…and an opportunity to get something vaguely healthy into their systems aside from sugar!


  • Guacamoldy with creature crisps – Tangy avocado dip with fun tortilla chip cut-outs.


  • Blood orange cocktail – Shots of blood orange juice with Solerno and orange liquer served in funky test-tubes.


  • Swamp slime sips – Slimy green fruit juice blend with tequila and a dash of lime juice, and green tea powder for the mouldy rims. Or remove the booze for a fun-kiddie friendly version for your trick-or-treaters to keep them hydrated whilst on the prowl.


Written by: Nancy Hoepner | Owner and Creative Director Magpie Creative |

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