Brimming Bowlfuls at Addis in Cape

How often do you experiment when it comes to choosing an interesting restaurant? Most people I know stick with what they know is good…

What a pleasant surprise when we were recently invited to try a brand new dining experience.

Acclaimed Ethiopian restaurant, Addis in Cape, situated in the heart of the CBD is certainly not shy about their heritage. This is an example of a restaurant whose value should not be judged from its website or curb appeal. Enter into it with eyes wide open as you head up the weathered old staircase onto the 3rd level – for ‘brimming bowlfuls’ of North African culture – not just food.


Seated at low leather imbued seats around woven basket-like tables (called Mesobs)…guests experience the classic Ethiopian coffee ceremony of food serving where bowls of fragrant fare are presented on an enormous tin bowl hidden under a woven closh for a grand reveal. One by one the waiter explains each bowl before tipping the contents out onto a giant savoury-like sourdough pancake base (called Injera). And, you dig in…literally…with your hands. Cutlery is not on the menu – this is an “all or nothing” authentic exploration of a cuisine that is renowned for its fragrant, assortment of heavenly flavours through its generous use of spices and herbs. Mmmm, right up our alley!


The Addis in Cape menu is gluten free and Halaal – and the menu is downloadable via:

Do yourselves a favour and stretch outside of your comfort zone when you next get the urge to dine out, and head down to the corner of Long and Church Street. Addis in Cape is a new firm favourite, and I now fully understand the North African flavour trends that dominate across the globe.

Written by: Nancy Hoepner | Owner & Creative Director of Magpie Creative |

Pictures courtesy of:


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