Quick its Christmas!

So, I completely agree that Christmas should not be about taking shortcuts! But let’s face it…Christmas 2015 seems to have snuck up on us and bitten us on the buttocks, with very little time to be precious and doting.

So, I have had a little look into what the ideal “no fuss – minimal fidget” meal options may be – just in case my best intentions don’t catch up in time for the 25th.

My favourite appear to be the following and may assist you in a similar plight. How about:


With the coast being the destination of choice for Christmas – it’s hard to ignore including seafood. One of my family’s’ firm favourites is a Mussel Pot with a Thai twist. Of course, to obtain a fishing license and pick your mussels fresh off the rocks would be first prize, wouldn’t it!?

In an airy pot, steam your mussels in garlic and white wine until open. Make sure you toss any mussels that don’t open up.

Create a sumptuous sauce in a heavy-based skillet with chopped onion and plenty of garlic, coconut milk, green Thai curry paste, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a handful of well-rinsed, fresh coriander. Season with a sprinkling of eat.art Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt of Origin!

Serve with garlic bread, crisped over the coals.


Pic courtesy of: http://christmas.picknpay.co.za/recipe/mussel-pot-and-garlic-bread/



Why not try your hand at a Chilli Pork Belly Roast this year?

One cannot ignore the swarming Sriracha trend that is hitting us square on at the moment, and with a few heat-lovers in my family I know this will be right up their Christmas tree…

Create a sticky glaze with Sriracha sauce, chilli flakes and a little honey (my addition) as well as 2 tablespoons of eat.art‘s new North African Harissa Exotic Spice – and, simply pop in the oven on medium heat for a slow roasting.

Serve with accompaniments such as roast baby potatoes and beans…


Pic courtesy of: http://christmas.picknpay.co.za/recipe/chilli-pork-belly-roast/



Why is it that a trifle will always make its way onto the Christmas table? It seems to be one of those traditions that sticks – no matter the taste or culture profile. I have come up with a version that aims to transcend the 80’s stereotype and is super quick and delish!

In separate little glasses, break up pieces of soft chocolate brownies (if you can’t find these in your local store – opt for halved Boudior/ finger biscuits), over which a healthy dollop of custard gets poured, followed by a sprinkling of cherry brandy (of Kirsch), and a tablespoon of fresh cream. Then add a few whole cherries and blueberries followed by a crumbling of Peppermint Crisp and fresh mint leaves. Being Christmas and all, (despite the shortcuts) I love edible glitter and therefore it needs to make its appearance round about now.

And there you have it…watch this space for my follow-up “shortcut your way to a gorgeous Christmas table with minimum effort”.

Written by: Nancy Hoepner | Owner/ Creative Director of Magpie Creative

http://www.magpiecreative.co.za | facebook.com/magpiecreativecapetown


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