Deck the Halls!

Iv’e helped you along a little with a few suggestions for a Christmas quickie in the meal department – without compromising on flavour of course – and now some handy hints for decorating your home with minimum effort! And viola, that’s the Christmas spirit…

With up-cycling, edible décor and home-made still in the lead in the decor trend department, it’s no wonder I have landed on these fun, simple, yet fairly fancy décor and celebration ideas…just in the nick!

-Clever Countdown-

The excitement levels in our home go up a fair notch on the 1st of December purely because of the basic pleasure derived from opening a window on the advent calendar. (Nothing to do with the chocolate inside of course!). Whilst this clever advent calendar idea requires some planning and hence, is not entirely fuss-free, I felt it was too cool not to include. Its simplicity inspires me. Pretty painted pegs in a row holding little craft paper and butchers twine parcels per day.

christmas,crafts,homedecor-f73020976f84e8a326af0a9d5105fcfa_h -Upside Down Decor-

I absolutely adore this idea. It is sooooo unassumingly obvious, but who would have thought? Run a line of wineglasses in various shapes, sizes and styles down the centre of your table filled with brightly coloured baubles or shiny choccie balls. A selection of white candles adds to the ordered bric-a-brac of this….and viola, your table has its centre- and conversation piece all sorted.

c67eac4b5e65ae44a0215a30955adb86-Cinnamon Seating-

A sucker for using natural fragrance in décor, aromatic cinnamon sticks (to which a handwritten luggage tag is tied) are the ideal option for place names. I always feel a more formal seating arrangement is called for at Christmas, and this takes care of your seating plan plus room fragrance – a deliciously scented double-whammy, and super quick and easy. Dip one end into clear project glue and then into a pot of gold glitter for added glamour if required.


-Seating Scrabble-

An alternate seating plan idea is this – and couldn’t be more fuss-free. Need I say more…


-Rosemary Tokens-

Happiness is a fresh, plump sprig of rosemary, especially when it’s planted in a recycled tin with wholesome hessian and twine detailing! Agree? And, a great way of recycling food tins and an easy peasy, yet special, token of appreciation for each of your guests. Destined for the kitchen – this is a gift that needs little persuasion. Plus, your little tins of rosemary will be perfect placed down the centre of your table among the upside down wineglasses.


-Cool Cutter Wreath-

It’s always a good idea to enchant your guests from the moment they knock on your door…Christmas is a perfect time for decorating the entrance to your home (the place where your heart is) and there are plenty of creative options ‘out there’. The one that resonated with me for this year was this simple cookie cutter wreath with rosemary and ribbon detailing. This is probably a ten minute project with tenfold enjoyment derived from the finished product.


Written by: Nancy Hoepner | Owner & Creative Director Magpie Creative |

Picture references:,crafts,homedecor-f73020976f84e8a326af0a9d5105fcfa_h.jpg


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