‘Back to Work/ School’ Has Never Been This Tasty!

It’s finally happened!  Schools have re-opened and not a moment too soon!  We suggest that you sit back and take a few deep (grateful) breaths while we fill you in on the top lunch trends hitting school (and office) ‘playgrounds’ this year.

Sandwich-free School Lunches

The lunch of choice in 2016 will no longer be the meagre sarmie.  2016 lunches are reaching new heights aiming for off-the-charts health benefits, taste and variation. Think compartmentalised lunch boxes filled with tapas-style finger snacks.  Whilst this trend calls for a little pre-planning by mom (see meal planners below), we’re loving mini meatballs, vegetarian wraps, sliced smoked chicken, julienne veg with flavoured hummus (Woolworths has introduced delicious new flavours like roasted butternut and caramelised onion…yum!), fresh fruit and quiche slices.   And, these delicious morsels don’t just apply to the kiddies’ lunchboxes.  Pack yourself one too!


The New Jar-in-a-Jar

For the older kids, Consol has answered our prayers with this one…a jar-in-a-jar.  How useful, and an ideal lunchbox for non-sandwich lunches! Delicious lunch ideas to show off your new lunch jars:

  • Pap or creamy mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Couscous- or quinoa-based salad with dressing
  • Fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • Crudités and dip such as tzatziki or hummus
  • Chilled soup and croutons (perfect for summer!)


School Lunchbox Meal Planners

Save precious time this year by planning lunches in advance.  We love these helpful lunchbox hints. Print them out and stick them on the fridge to make lunch-packing a cinch.  And if your little ones are old enough to get involved, why not let them use the meal planner as a guide, picking one item from each category for their lunchbox?


Time Savers

When planning your weeknight dinners, plan meals that can be popped straight into lunch boxes as well.  For example, we love having warm tortilla wraps for dinner.  While  munching on the end product, why not pop extra flour wraps and leftover filling into a pan (on a low heat) to make quesadillas?  Slice them up into ‘pizza slices’ and your lunchbox-prep is done!


Top Tips

If you find yourself packing the same leftovers into both your own and your children’s lunchboxes, why not add some extra flavour at your work desk?   Kiddies tend to prefer their meals a little on the plain side, so we recommend keeping a bottle of eat.art’s Chilli Addict in your drawer to add an extra zing to your midday break.

Finally…feeling stressed at work?  Enjoy the refreshing flavours of the eat.art Flowering Tea Balls.  Green tea leaves are delicately hand-strung around a dried flower and unfurl when brewing in hot water revealing a beautiful bloom.  Relax and reboot as the perfect combination of green tea and flowers envelop you!


Written by: Tamsyn Lombard for eat.art

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