Source Africa Hits Woolworth’s Shelves!

Woolworths has just launched the mouth-watering Source Africa range by Kalk Bay Foods and the team couldn’t be more excited! This weekend head down to your local Woolies store and immerse yourself in the flavours of Africa….

-Cape Malay Curry-

In the 17th century, slaves from Malaysia and Indonesia settled in the Cape Peninsula of Southern Africa and became known as Cape Malays. Their cuisine is an unusual fusion of Asian and European tastes – a sweet and spicy mix of meats, fruit and spices. The Source Africa curry mix is a typical Cape Malay dish, incorporating a blend of 11 exotic spices to make a fragrantly delicious dish.


-Rooibos Chai Tea-

Redbush tea (Rooibos) is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite sweet herbal teas. It is grown wild in the mountainous terrains of the South Western Cape of Southern Africa, requiring no fertilisers or pesticides. Well known for its anti-oxidant qualities, our blend is totally natural and completely herbal. Here we blend Rooibos with traditional Chai spices to create a deliciously infused brew with a complex aroma and rich taste.

-Mixed Pepper Cooks’ Salt-

This is an ideal cook’s aid – A blend of the purest African sea salt and aromatic peppercorns, flavoured with flaked African red chillies! Add to all your favourite dishes during cooking or as a fragrant all-purpose seasoning at the table.

-Karoo Smoked Salt-

Bring the magic of the Karoo into your home with the flavours delivered by this sea salt, infused with karoo-bush smoke. It adds a subtle smokey flavour to everyday dishes and is particularly good with mashed potatoes, eggs and fish.

Written by: Tamsyn Lombard for


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