Begin Your Flavour Journey With

I was born with a wanderlust, an urge to experience new and exciting cultures and ways of life. Unfortunately with the demands of life right here and now travel is not always an option, so I find myself taking journeys by means of books and flavours. I find a flavour can tell a story as vividly as the best book, it can transport you to its land of origin. Each spice plays a role and leads you down a path to take you to your final destination.

The earthy notes of Moroccan spices, with their red and yellow hues, lead me through the streets of Marrakesh and out into the sun-baked desert. The sweet and fragrant notes of the Thai blends take me along the floating flower markets of Bangkok, and the spicy chilli and ginger to the tropical southern islands. Each spice has its land of origin but also has been moved along spice routes for hundreds if not thousands of years and each blend tells the tale of those journeys. Each new taste can tell you of its origin, of the culture behind it and the circumstances with which it was made.

So when next you long for a journey that’s not looking promising, go into your kitchen, find your favourite blend and start your travels.


Begin your flavour journey with’s Spices of the Orient spice collection, including flavoursome blends such as Mongolian Stir Fry, Thai 7 Spice and Indian Garam Masala.

Written by: Brian Gomes ( Chef/Food Tech)


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