Introducing Neville Khan – Warehouse Manager, Sportsman, Family Man

IMG_1349 has recently had the pleasure of welcoming Neville Khan to the team. As our new Warehouse Manager we have already witnessed Neville performing miracles and we wish him a long and successful career at Kalk Bay Foods. In a bid to get to know Neville a little better, we got him to confess a few secrets….

It turns out that Neville is a bit of a sports star. He plays soccer as well as indoor cricket, and even played for Western Province for a time! He’s a diehard Tottenham supporter and when he isn’t on the soccer field kicking the ball around with his son, Josh, you can find him being dragged around a local mall by his lovely wife.

Neville’s favourite meal is Prawn Curry – but strictly his own! I hope your wife doesn’t read this, Nev!

With his to-do-list getting longer, Neville dashes off to work wonders elsewhere. We’re ecstatic that he’s joined the team and we wish him every success as he starts this new chapter at Kalk Bay Foods.

Written by: Tamsyn Lombard for


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