Japanese Tofu and Soy Noodle Broth


I’m always fascinated by the discovery of new exotic flavours, but when I came across the eat.art Kala Namak gourmet salt I admittedly had my doubts. Kala Namak is a rock salt from the Northern Indian volcanic regions and it’s the volcano that gives this salt its distinct sulphurous flavour. Now, don’t be dissuaded too easily. Although somewhat unusual, I’ve found that Kala Namak can yield exceptional results in your food, and especially in Oriental foods, it seems…

My first use of this interesting salt was in a Japanese Tofu and Soy Noodle Broth. Much to my delight, the Kala Namak brought out an incredible Umami flavour to the broth. To balance the rich flavours I added a dash of eat.art Turkish Sumac exotic spice, which lended a slightly sour citrus note, balancing the dish beautifully (Sumac also goes down a treat if added in moderation to lemonade or a G&T!). The result was a sumptuous hot and sour soy broth, bursting with flavour.

Don’t be intimidated by new flavours, embrace them and get creative.

Written by: Brian Gomes (eat.art Chef/Food Tech)


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