Salts of Origin

salts has a variety of cool gourmet salts to play with in the kitchen. Get to know them a little better…

Cyprus Flake
This Mediterranean flake salt has a pyramid shaped crystal. The texture and mild flavour makes it a versatile salt to have in the kitchen. Perfect for cooking, baking and garnishing.

Persian Blue
A noble rarity among salts. The intriguing blue salt is harvested from an ancient salt lake in Iran which contains unique colour compounds. This salt is stunning used in pinch pots to add a bit of sophistication and wonderment to any table.

Applewood Smoked
Hand harvested Atlantic sea salt that is cold smoked with apple wood and oak chips in’s very own artisanal smoker. Add a generous sprinkle to meat, chicken or fish for a salty, smokey flavour and aroma.

Hawaiian Black Lava
A dramatic mix of sea salt and purified Hawaiian volcanic charcoal creates a striking appearance and smokey undertones which make this a perfect finishing salt.

Hawaiian Red Alaea
An authentic mix of sea salt and red volcanic clay found on the island of Kauai. It has a crunchy texture and earthy flavour adding vibrant colour to any dish. Great mixed with herbs and used as a roasting salt for red meat.

Kala Namak
This is an Indian volcanic rock salt. It has a distinctive sulfurous flavour and aroma. Perfect for adding a unique, somewhat funky flavour to creamy and tangy salads, condiments and other Indian inspired meals.

By: Carey Erasmus

Carey is a freelance development chef and food stylist with a ND: Food Science and Nutrition. With over 12 years of experience in the food industry she has established an impressive portfolio and creates recipe or foodie content for various clients. She also has a popular food blog called Bits of Carey where she shares fuss free recipes and collaborates with like-minded brands and campaigns.


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