About Us

Founded under the Kalk Bay Foods umbrella, eat.art fills an exciting gap in the fine food market – blurring the lines between food and art with innovative gifts and gourmet everyday products.

This blog is an ode to the eat.art “Living Food” lifestyle featuring all the things we love from design to travel to restaurants and most importantly – FOOD and the experiences that go with it.

Headed up by Shelley Barnard, the eat.art team is inspired by cutting edge design, food trends and progressive flavours. Our team consists of PR and marketing whizz Shané MacLennan, our dynamic account exec Sue Gillespie, our new product developer Kenneth Carstens and last but not least our quirky designers Lauren Marais and Joanna Thompson.

Visit our websites about us for more info on the company and what we do

Some of our most popular gifting products include Epices d’amour, Origin sets and our Large spice grinders. Our select everyday ranges fall under various brands, including eat.art, Chilli Addict and Creativi-Tea.  Our flagship products being the Salts of origin and Exotic spices.



Various ranges of our products can be found in South Africa (visit our contact us page to find out where) and across the world including Canada, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, UAE, Japan and Australia. Contact us for your local distributor.

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